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define CLEAN Foaming Hand Soap Tablet

define CLEAN Foaming Hand Soap Tablet

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A sweet and refreshing take on our bestselling Hand Soap scents. Just fill with water, drop in a tablet and voila! hydrating, foamy goodness at your fingertips.

Scent: Aloe/Rose/Jasmine/Lavender/Lemon/Ocean

Clean Ingredients: Made with plant-based and planet-friendly ingredients 

Effective: Independently tested to perform alongside major brands

Save Space & Money: Tablets take up 10x less space than a traditional bottle and refills start at $15

Wash up with a rich foaming lather made from a plant-based cleansing and hydrating formula. Also, the perfect solution to keep you safe from viruses. Designed for a low waste, low emission routine.

p.s. This is foaming hand wash refill, please use with foaming bottle

What's Included

Foaming hand soap refill tablet
• 1 hand soap refill sachet
• 1 tablet makes 450ml of foaming hand soap
• Washes your hand with a rich foaming lather


• Mild formula, contains botanical moisturizing ingredients, gentle on hands
• Rich and dense foam, effectively removes grease and dirt, easy to rinse*
• Natural ingredients^, plant origin, safe and no residue
• Made without parabens, phosphates, ammonia, VOCs, chlorine bleach, or phthalates
• No chemical preservatives and animal testing

*The main cleaning ingredient is Sodium Coco Sulfate, which is derived from coconut. SCS produces rich and dense foam, which can effectively remove grease and dirt.
^The ingredients are derived from natural sources or plants, including lemon, coconut and corn.

How to Use

Making your define CLEAN foaming hand soap is as easy as 1-2-3
1. Fill your reusable foaming bottle with water
2. Drop in define CLEAN tablet
3. Enjoy the product after waiting for a few minutes!


Ingredients (Function, Derived From/Found In)
Citric Acid (Natural pH Adjuster, Lemon)
Sodium Coco-Sulfate (Plant-derived Cleaning Ingredient, Coconut)
Sodium Carbonate (Natural Cleaning Ingredient, Mineral)
Inulin (Natural moisturizer, Plants)
Sorbitol (Natural Skin Conditioning Agent, Corn)
Potassium Sorbate (Eco-friendly Preservative, Mountain ash tree)
Fragrance (Pleasant Odor, Natural/synthetic blend)
Colorant (Colour, Synthetic)

Social Impact

Our refill tablet saves
• 1 single plastic spray bottle
• 98% transportation carbon emission


• 24 months from manufacture date
• 3 months once water has been added to the tablet


• Surface mail in Hong Kong is included for any purchase (delivery period: 3-5 working days)
• Express in Hong Kong is included for purchase at or above HKD$200 (delivery period: 2-3 working days)

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