Eco-friendly Coffee Grounds Soap Making Workshop

Modern Hong Kong people’s demand for coffee is far greater than we imagine. For office workers, a cup of coffee every morning is necessary. But buying at least one cup of coffee every day is not as cost-effective in the long run as buying a coffee machine. However, the coffee machine produces a large amount of coffee grounds. What should we do? To put it to good use, you can bring in your leftover coffee grounds to make your own handmade soap!

Use of coffee grounds

1) Remove odor

2) Exfoliate

3) Repel mosquitoes

4) Remove grease and dirt

5) As plant fertilizer

Coffee grounds soap DIY activity

You can make your own handmade soap and learn about the chemical principles and ingredients of handmade soap.

Guided by professional instructor

Even beginners can easily master the skills, use their creatively and make unique coffee grounds soap products.

Provide different shapes of molds and fragrances for participants to choose from

Participants can choose different molds and fragrances according to their own preferences. They can also use their creativity to mix fragrances and create their own exclusive taste.

You can complete the products on the same day and take away

Handmade soap needs to be placed for 30 to 45 minutes
before it can be released from the mold. After releasing from the mold, participants can take it away. It is suitable for gifting and personal use.

Workshop Content

1) A brief introduction to the chemical principles of handmade soap (STEAM education)

2) A brief introduction to the common ingredients of handmade soap and how to choose the right handmade soap that suits you

3) Environmental protection information about coffee grounds soap

4) Benefits of using coffee grounds soap

Workshop Process

• Explain the workshop content

• Demonstration and teaching how to make coffee grounds soap

• Explain environmental protection knowledge and the impact of food waste on the environment

• Assist participants through the steps and demonstrate how to use handmade soap

• Q&A session

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