Bath Bomb Workshop

Office workers who are usually busy at work have almost no time of their own. Whenever they are on vacation, they want to relax. But as parents, they hope to spend time with their children while resting. Although it is good to play in the park with children, it is hot and sunny in summer, so it is better to do some static activities. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to make some small crafts? Adults and children can work together to make bubble bath balls, and take this opportunity to enjoy parent-child fun!

Effects of bath bomb

1) Helps to relax

2) Helps you fall asleep

Bath Bomb DIY activity

You can make your own bath bomb and learn about the foaming principles and ingredients of bath bomb.

Guided by professional instructor

Even beginners can easily master the skills, use their creativity and make unique bath bomb.

Provide different shapes of molds, colors and fragrances for participants to choose from

Participants can choose different molds and colors according to their own preferences. They can also use their creativity to mix colors to create their own exclusive bath bomb.


We also provide natural aromatherapy essential oils with different flavors. Participants can choose their favorite essential oil flavor and add it to their own bath bomb. By the way, aromatherapy essential oils can help relax your mind and help you fall asleep. But be sure not to overdose.

Does not contain SLS or other irritants

We use purely natural materials and do not contain SLS. Therefore, it will not damage and irritate the skin, causing problems such as sensitivity, redness and dryness, inflamed skin and acne, and eczema. While adults feel at ease, children also have fun using it.

You can complete the products on the same day and take away

1 homemade bath bomb, suitable for gifting and personal use

Workshop Content

1) A brief introduction to the principle of foaming bath bomb (STEAM education)

2) A brief introduction to the common ingredients of bath bomb

3) The effects of bath bomb

Workshop Process

• Explain the workshop content

• Demonstration and teaching how to make the bath bomb

• Explain the functions of bath bomb

• Assist participants through the steps and demonstrate how to use bath bomb

• Q&A session

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