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define CLEAN Floor Cleaning Tablet (2 PC)

define CLEAN Floor Cleaning Tablet (2 PC)

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What should I do if the floor is dirty? The stains can’t be removed no matter how you clean them. define CLEAN's products must be a good helper for your home cleaning! After use, not only can stains be cleaned, but the whole house will also be filled with floral fragrance.


Our floor cleaning tablets:

  • Quickly dissolves and removes odors with the power of effervescent technology
  • For all types of flooring materials
  • Light Floral scent

What's Included

Floor cleaning tablet (2 PC)
• 2 floor cleaning tablet
• 1 floor cleaning tablet makes 3 Liter of cleaner
• Cleans all hard floor surfaces, including sealed hardwood


• Mild formula, effectively decompose grease and dirt
• Natural ingredients, plant origin, biodegradable
• Neutral pH, does not damage the surfaces of materials and does not contain volatile organic compounds, suitable for children and pets at home
• No chemical preservatives and animal testing

How to Use

1. Fill your mop bucket with 3L of water
2. Drop in define CLEAN tablet
3. Clean in minutes - no shaking or stirring required!

Social Impact

Our refill tablet saves
• 1 single plastic spray bottle
• 98% transportation carbon emission


• 24 months from manufacture date
• 3 months once water has been added to the tablet


• Surface mail in Hong Kong is included for any purchase (delivery period: 3-5 working days)
• Express in Hong Kong is included for purchase at or above HKD$200 (delivery period: 2-3 working days)

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