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define CLEAN Kitchen Cleaner Starter Set

define CLEAN Kitchen Cleaner Starter Set

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Don’t have the right bottle at home? Our Kitchen Cleaner Starter Set is just for you, including 2 kitchen cleaner spray refills and a reusable forever spray bottle. Remember not to throw away the bottle after use. The spray bottle can be reused about 50 times! 

Try to have a fresh start with our powder-form Cleaner Refill Sachet Set. define CLEAN products are safe and proven to work for a clean, sustainable, and safe home. Please use it with confidence!

What's Included

Kitchen cleaner refill powder
• 1 kitchen refill sachet (No fragrance and colorant)
• 7g refill powder makes 350ml of cleaner
• Cleans all types of kitchen surfaces

Forever reusable bottle
• Bottle can be reused!


• Mild formula, effectively decompose grease and dirt
• Natural ingredients, plant origin, biodegradable
• pH 8.5, does not damage the surfaces of materials and does not contain volatile organic compounds, suitable for children and pets at home
• No coloring, fragrance, chemical preservatives and animal testing
• Developed, designed and made in Hong Kong

How to Use

Making your define CLEAN kitchen cleaner is as easy as 1-2-3
1. Fill your reusable bottle with 350ml of water
2. Drop in define CLEAN powder
3. Enjoy the product after waiting for a few minutes!

Social Impact

Our refill sachet saves
• 60g plastic wastes
• 365g CO2e


• 24 months from manufacture date
• 3 months once water has been added to the powder


• HKD$30 will be charged for Express in Hong Kong unless purchased at or above HKD$200 (delivery period: 2-3 working days)

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