Hello everyone! I am Neil.

Since the start of Covid-19, we have all changed the way we live. In particular, cleaning our homes have now become a top priority for everyone, meaning an increased use of cleaning products for the indefinite future. General cleaning products usually travel a long distance before getting to our homes. The transportation process creates unnecessary carbon footprint and also makes the products more expensive to consumers. The production of these products significantly creates a staggering amount of pollution and plastic waste, which eventually fills our landfills and oceans, and affects our ecosystem. 

define CLEAN was created because we wanted to do our part to save the environment and eliminate pollution and plastic waste. Please join us in our mission to save the environment.

we are define CLEAN. future of cleaning.

Our mission is to reduce plastic waste from landfills and the environment, and to minimize carbon footprint from unnecessary transportation of goods

  • Plant-based Powder-form Cleaning Product: ​

    Reduce CO2 and One-time Use Plastic bottle by innovativeReduce polluting environment by using planted-based ingredients approved by EPA

  • Women in low-income families with a child gain income

    Job Opportunity – offer flexible hour working opportunityMore Living Space by reducing bulky cleaning products storage

  • Addressing Climate Change from Daily Cleaning

    Product: Reduce CO2 by removing 90% of goods weight being transportedReduce One-time Use Plastic bottle, including resources like water, energy and crude oil to produce them

Our Mission

Produced from naturally-derived ingredients, define CLEAN is a powder-form cleaning solution that is lighter, more affordable, and better for the planet. In 3 easy steps, you can help save the world, the environment, and the next generation. ​

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