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  • Are your products anti-bacterial?
    Cleaner Refill Powder define CLEAN’s cleaner refill powders are formulated to fight grease and grime in order to help keep your surfaces clean, remove stains from mold and inanimate scum such as soap scum. Disinfectant Refill Powder define CLEAN’s disinfectant refill powders are formulated to kill 99.999% of bacteria with cleaning function. It is suggest by WHO disinfecting surfaces should be applied after cleaning to keep environment safe, so our product is designed for convenience consumers disinfecting and cleaning the living environment at the same time. You can read about related information from the World Health Organization: Dish Soap Refill Powder define CLEAN’s dish soap refill powder is formulated to fight grease and grime in order to help keep your dishes and cutlery clean, remove stains from mold and inanimate scum. Hand Soap Refill Powder define CLEAN’s hand soap refill powder helps wash away viruses and bacteria. Regarding our hand soaps, while we don’t use antibacterial agents, there are several studies that show non-antibacterial hand soaps are effective at removing germs. We do include surfactants that reduce surface tension to effectively lift up bacteria and viruses from skin to easily wash them away and you can read about proper hand washing from the World Health Organization:
  • What are your ingredients?
    All of our products are plant-based or natural source. We are proud of our strict formulation standards – every ingredient is carefully selected to ensure it is non-toxic to humans and the environment. define CLEAN only use ingredients that score the highest in terms of safety according to the EPA safer ingredients list ( and EWG database ( You can find our ingredients listed on each product page.
  • Are define CLEAN products pH balanced?
    Yes. Each of our cleaning/disinfecting sprays or foaming soap were developed to be as effective as possible for each of the surfaces you use them on, which means that each cleaner/disinfectant or foaming soap was developed to be optimally balanced in pH levels depending on the surface.
  • What surfaces can I use the spray cleaners/disinfectants on?
    Our multipurpose cleaner/disinfectant was designed for use on counters, sealed wood & sealed stone (e.g., sealed marble, granite, quartz, travertine, terrazzo). Our washroom cleaner/disinfectant was designed for use on tubs, sealed tile, sealed stone & shower surfaces. Our glass cleaner/disinfectant was designed for use on glass, mirrors & windows. Our kitchen cleaner/disinfectant was designed for use on all types of kitchen surfaces, such as the surfaces of range tops stove and hoods, microwaves, water tanks, walls, working surfaces, cabinets and floor.
  • What kinds of products can I wash with the foaming dish soap?
    Our foaming dish soap can be used on any glassware or cookware including glass, porcelain/ceramic, plastic, or steel.
  • What is the shelf life of your products?
    Powder-form Refills Our powder-form refills inside our sealed sachets have a shelf life of 24 months. Once the powders are diluted with water, it is best to use it up within 3 months.
  • I have sensitive skin, can I use your products?
    define CLEAN products are carefully formulated with skin-friendly ingredients so it is gentle and non-irritating on sensitive skin. All of our products are all free of synthetic fragrances, harsh chemicals, dyes, and enzymes.
  • Are define CLEAN products safe to use while pregnant?
    We have developed our product without volatile organic compounds (VOCs) so that they are safe to be used around you, pregnant / nursing women, children, and animals but recommend you speak with your physician before use.
  • Are define CLEAN products pet-safe?
    We have developed our product without volatile organic compounds (VOCs) so that they are safe for use around your pets and animals.
  • Are define CLEAN products gluten-free?
    Yes, all ingredients are gluten free.
  • Are define CLEAN products organic?
    We source high quality natural ingredients for our products, but they are not certified organic.
  • Are your products vegan and cruelty free?
    Yes! Our ingredients are either from a plant source or minerals. We do not test on animals, only on our own friends and family.
  • What is the carbon footprint of define CLEAN products?
    Our refills are super-concentrated and weigh 7g as opposed to 350g of a typical water-filled bottle. That’s 2% of your typical store-bought, toxin-filled, alternative.
  • Are your products Hong Kong made?
    define CLEAN's cleaning/disinfecting solutions are developed and manufactured in Hong Kong.
  • Any specified amount of purchase for free shipping within Hong Kong?
    we offer the following: o Surface mail within Hong Kong can enjoy free shipping with any amount of purchase o Express Freight Collect can also be arranged for any amount of purchase o Express within Hong Kong can enjoy free shipping for orders of HK$240 and above
  • How will my order be shipped?
    Our preferred courier partner is HK Post and S.F. Express. However, we may use other courier partners depending on your location.
  • How long will my order take?
    As zero-stock policy applied in order to eliminate wastes and offer the best quality product to our customers, we will manufacture products after order is received with 24 hours, and we will process, dispatch your order with 48 hours when received on a business day. Normally, product will be shipped out within 3 days.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    define CLEAN currently ships within Hong Kong only. However, you may contact us for special arrangement or bulk orders.
  • How do I create my define CLEAN cleaner, disinfectant or foaming soap?
    There are 2 ways to do it, just pick one you are familiar with Making your define CLEAN product is as simple as 1-2-3. 1. Fill your reusable bottle with 350ml tap water 2. Drop in define CLEAN powder 3. Wait a few minutes and it is ready to use! OR Making your define CLEAN product is as simple as 1-2-3. 1. Drop in define CLEAN powder 2. Fill your reusable bottle with 350ml tap water 3. Wait a few minutes and it is ready to use!
  • Do I add refill contents first or water?
    We recommend emptying the contents of the refill into your reusable bottle first and then adding water. This will speed up mixing and you will be ready to clean within minutes. Adding water first, then refill contents will also work, it might take the contents slightly longer to fully dissolve.
  • My solution foams up when I add water, is this normal?
    Depends on how you define normal. There are surfactants (fancy word for soap) in our solution, so it will naturally foam up. Reduce water speed while pouring, because we don’t like wasting water and you don’t like to waste your cleaner with excessive foaming. Shaking is not recommended as that will also result in excessive foaming.
  • Do I need to shake or stir the refill contents in the water?
    Our formulations are specially designed to reduce steps for you. You don’t need to shake or stir at all. In fact, shaking will result in excessive foaming. We have optimized the product to dissolve on its own in under five minutes. So all you have to do, is to let it stand for a few minutes. It will dissolve automatically.
  • Should I use warm or cold water?
    Good question, this is not a science experiment, so we have simplified things for you. The contents should dissolve in any temperature of water, however, we recommend using room temperature for best results.
  • Can I add more or less water instead of 350ml?
    We recommend you use our refills with 350ml water, as they are designed for pH-balanced and best cleaning/disinfecting solution with 350ml water. For cleaning refills, you may use with 300 to 450ml water depends on how dirty the surfaces normally is, but for disinfecting refills, we strongly not recommend you use it with other volume of water, as it affect the disinfecting effect.
  • Does the bottle have to be emptied before I refill it?
    We recommend that you finish and rinse your bottle before refilling it with a new powder refill. Each refill pack is designed to be dissolved with water to create 350 ml of cleaner.
  • What type of water will work best?
    We have designed our products to work with tap water, however, if you have access to filtered water, it will work better as it typically has fewer impurities.
  • Will define CLEAN cleaning products work in hard water areas?
    We have developed and tested our products for soft and hard water. Our non-toxic cleaning ingredients include food-grade Citric Acid which is a chelating agent. Chelating agents are used for binding metal ions, such as Calcium and Magnesium, commonly found in hard water. This process prevents metal ions in hard water from forming soap scum.
  • How long will one bottle last?
    The solution in our bottles should last you a similar length of time as a traditional cleaning/disinfectant spray bottle, hand soap or dish soap. How long one bottle's worth of solution lasts depends on how often you clean and how much you use, often dependent on the size of your home and family. If you need more help on identifying which products you should purchase, please provide more information and we'll do our very best to assist you! We hope to have you cleaning with us very soon!
  • Is define CLEAN packaging recyclable?
    Our shipping materials, and our refill box packaging are paper-based and recyclable, while our refill sachet packaging is composite material but it is recyclable at specific 6 Green recycling store, recycling company and home recycling service provider.
  • Why no bottles is sold? can i use the bottle i have?
    define CLEAN mission is to save the environment and eliminate plastic waste and carbon emission. Our powder-form refills are designed to use in any reusable bottles available in the market for a great consumer experience. Therefore, we do not sell any bottle and highly recommend that you reuse any spray/foaming bottle that you already have. Just make sure to rinse it properly before using it with our cleanser. For encouraging our customers reuse their bottles at home, we provide crystal sticker with our brand and refill name for any powder-form refill purchase, and you can stick it on your own bottles like pre-printed.
  • What happens if the tablet / powder packaging gets wet?
    The powder packaging is designed to protect against water but is not meant to drown in it, so please keep it in a dry, safe place for storage. Additionally, any moisture can affect the overall efficacy and shelf-life of the refill tablets or powder. That being said, we’d be happy to send you replacement refills for the inconvenience. Just contact us using the email: or Whatsapp at 5110 8288.
  • What is the best way to store the refill packs?
    Our refill packaging is designed to be supremely earth-friendly and will compost both in your food waste at home as well as industrial compost facilities. We have designed our packaging to keep the contents safe from moisture. However, while it will survive a small amount of moisture exposure, it is not meant to be submerged in a bucket full of water. So please store it in a cool, dry place and avoid getting it soaked in water from an unintended under-the-sink leakage.
  • What is define CLEAN?
    define CLEAN is a social start up offering powder-form household cleaning products without single-use plastic packaging and is 90% lighter than the general products in the market. This reduces carbon emission found in packaging generated by single-use plastic packaging and transportation.
  • What is define CLEAN’s mission?
    The mission of define CLEAN is 3S and 1H: Save on Space: Our powder-form solution significantly saves storage space. Save on Spending: Eliminating excess packaging, define CLEAN is sold at more affordable prices due to lower production cost. Save the Earth: Our product addresses climate change by reducing transportation carbon emission. Help those in Need: We offer job opportunities to grass-root families that are affected by COVID-19.
  • Where can I find define CLEAN products?
    You can shop define CLEAN products right here at
  • Where are define CLEAN's products made?
    define CLEAN's cleaning solutions are developed and manufactured in Hong Kong.
  • Do you offer a referral/affiliate program?
    We currently do not offer a referral or affiliate program, but thank you for helping us spread the word about define CLEAN and all your support!
  • How can I reach you?
    You may reach us via email: or Whatsapp at 5110 8288. We normally respond within 12 hours.
  • 您的產品能否殺菌?
    粉狀清潔劑補充裝(清潔沖劑) 定義潔淨清潔沖劑的配方可有效去除油脂和污垢,幫助保持表面清潔。 粉狀消毒劑補充裝(消毒沖劑) 定義潔淨消毒沖劑的配方可殺死99.999% 的細菌†,並且具有清潔功能。世界衛生組織(WHO)建議在進行消毒表面前,先用清潔劑清潔表面去除油脂和污垢,以保持乾淨, 再用消毒劑消毒表面才能達致最大殺菌的功效。為了方便用家,定義潔淨消毒沖劑是2合1配方,集清潔和消毒功能於一身,可同時消毒和清潔表面,保持家居潔淨。有關更多資料,可以閱讀世界衛生組織有關清潔及消毒劑的使用方法: †通過 EN 1276:2019 標準獨立測試。對大腸桿菌和金黃葡萄球菌的有效滅活率高達99.999% 粉狀泡沫型洗潔精補充裝(洗潔精沖劑) 定義潔淨的洗潔精沖劑專為去除油脂和污垢而配製,幫助保持您的餐具和碗碟乾淨。 粉狀泡沫型洗手液補充裝(洗手液沖劑) 定義潔淨的洗手液沖劑有助於洗去細菌和病毒。雖然定義潔淨洗手液沖劑沒有使用抗菌劑,但有幾項研究表明,非抗菌洗手液同樣可以有效去除細菌和病毒。洗手液沖劑包含可降低表面張力的植物性表面活性劑,從而有效地從皮膚上清除細菌和病毒,並且輕鬆地將其洗掉。 有關更多資料,可以閱讀世界衛生組織(WHO)關於正確洗手的信息:
  • 我可以在哪些表面上使用噴霧清潔劑/消毒劑?
    定義清潔多功能清潔劑/消毒劑可用於堅硬的無孔表面。(例如櫃檯、密封木材及密封石材)。 定義清潔洗手間清潔劑/消毒劑可用於浴缸、浴簾、推拉門、臉盆、水龍頭、馬桶、瓷磚和地板。 定義清潔玻璃清潔劑/消毒劑可用於玻璃、鏡子、塑料、合成革、瓷器、不銹鋼等硬質表面。 定義清潔廚房清潔劑/消毒劑可用於所有類型的廚房表面,例如爐灶和抽油煙機、微波爐、水箱、牆壁、工作表面、櫥櫃和地板的表面。
  • 我可以用泡沫洗潔精清洗哪些物品?
  • 定義潔淨產品的酸鹼值(pH值)是否平衡?
  • 產品的成分是什麼?
    定義潔淨所有產品都是成分植物性或天然來源。我們為自己嚴格的配方標準感到自豪——每種成分都經過精心挑選,以確保它對人類和環境無毒。定義潔淨只會使用在 EPA 更安全的成分列表 ( 和 EWG 數據庫 ( 安全性方面得分最高的天然成分。 您可以在每個產品頁面上找到我們列出的成分。
  • 產品的保質期是多久?
    粉狀補充裝(沖劑) 粉狀補充裝自製造日期起計有 24 個月的保質期。粉末加水兌換成清潔/消毒劑後,建議在 3 個月內用完。
  • 定義清潔產品的碳足跡是多少?
    我們的補充裝是超濃縮的,重量為 7 克,而市面上一般清潔/消毒劑/洗手液/洗潔精則為 350 克。這是你在市面上一般商店購買到的、充滿化學劑及毒素的產品2%。
  • 我皮膚較容易敏感,可以使用你們的產品嗎?
  • 當懷孕期間,使用定義潔淨產品是否安全?
  • 定義潔淨產品對寵物安全嗎?
  • 定義清潔產品是否不含麩質?
  • 定義清潔產品是有機的嗎?
  • 定義清潔產品是純素和無殘忍的嗎?
  • 定義清潔產品是香港製造的嗎?
  • 有沒有指定購買滿一定金額才包免費本地送貨服務?
    我們提供以下送貨服務: o 購買任何金額,包免費香港本地平郵送貨服務 o 購買任何金額,若果有需要,可安排順豐到付 o 購買滿HK$240,包免運費香港本地速遞送貨服務
  • 我的訂單會使用哪間物流公司及如何發貨?
  • 我的訂單需要多長時間才能到達?
    定義潔淨為了消除所有不必要的庫存浪費,並為我們的客戶提供最優質的產品,實行零庫存政策。我們將在工作日收到訂單後24小時內生產產品,之後在48小時內完成處理發貨。 正常情況下,貨品會在3天內發貨,5天內到達。若發貨給及送貨期間有公眾假期,貨品有機會延遲到達,敬希見諒。
  • 如何將定義潔淨沖劑兌換成清潔劑、消毒劑或泡沫肥皂?
    有2種方法都可以做到,請選擇你覺得方便和喜歡的一種: 製作定義潔淨產品三步曲 1.加自來水(室溫水自來水)到噴霧瓶/起泡瓶(根據產品指示) 2.加入定義潔淨沖劑 3.等待幾分鐘,即可使用!(若想快些溶解,可輕搖) 或 製作定義潔淨產品三步曲 1.加入定義潔淨沖劑 2.加自來水(室溫水自來水)到噴霧瓶/起泡瓶(根據產品指示) 3.等待幾分鐘,即可使用!(若想快些溶解,可輕搖)
  • 我可以加多或少於350毫升自來水來兌換成清潔劑、消毒劑或泡沫肥皂?
    我們建議您使用定義潔淨沖劑時,加350毫升水。因為沖劑是以350毫升溶液為基礎來設計,為求在酸鹼值(pH值)和清潔/消毒最佳效果之間取得平衡。 對於清潔沖劑,您可以根據日常使用的表面污漬程度,自由任意在300到450毫升的水之間調配。 但對於消毒沖劑,我們強烈建議您不要使用其他容量的水,因為它會影響消毒效果。
  • 需要先加沖劑還是水?
    我們建議先在噴霧瓶/起泡瓶加入沖劑,然後再加水。這將加快溶解速度,並且在幾分鐘內便可以使用我們的產品。 先加水,然後加入沖劑都可以,但需要更耐時間才能完全溶解沖劑。
  • 在我重新添加沖劑之前,需要清空噴霧瓶/起泡瓶嗎?
    我們建議您用新沖劑重新添加在噴霧瓶/起泡瓶之前,徹底沖洗瓶子。因為每個沖劑都是設計為製成 350 毫升的清潔劑/消毒劑/泡沫肥皂。
  • 我需要搖晃瓶子來溶解沖劑嗎?
    事實上,搖晃瓶子不是必須。 然而,如果你想沖劑溶解得快一點,可以搖動瓶子。
  • 我需要在水中搖晃或攪拌沖劑嗎?
    我們的配方是專門為您減少不必要的步驟而設計的,所以你不需要搖晃或攪拌。事實上,如果搖晃太劇烈會導致過度起泡,從而令部分沖劑溢出,造成浪費。 為了避免以上情況發生,定義潔淨優化了產品,使其在五分鐘內自行溶解。因此,你只需要讓沖劑靜置幾分鐘,之後它會自動溶解。
  • 我應該使用溫水還是冷水兌開沖劑?
  • 什麼類型的水效果最好?
  • 定義潔淨沖劑是否適用於硬水?
  • 定義潔淨沖劑兌換成清潔劑/消毒劑/泡沫肥皂後,一瓶能用多久?
    定義潔淨沖劑兌換成溶液後的使用時間,與傳統清潔/消毒噴霧瓶、洗手液或洗潔精一樣。一瓶溶液的使用時間取決於您清潔/消毒的頻率和使用量,通常取決於您家中可清潔面積和家庭人數。 一般來說,以香港平均居住面積及四人家庭為例,一瓶溶液約可使用三個月。 如果您在確定應該購買哪些產品方面需要更多幫助,請提供更多信息,我們將盡最大努力為您提供幫助!我們希望您能盡快與我們一起為保持家居及地球潔淨出一分力!
  • 加水後溶液會起泡,這情況正常嗎?
  • 定義潔淨的包裝是否可回收?
  • 為什麼沒有噴霧瓶/起泡瓶出售?我可以用我現有的瓶子嗎?
    定義潔淨的使命是舒緩氣候變化、拯救環境、減少塑料垃圾和運輸及製造碳排放,所以我們不出售任何瓶子,並且希望您重複使用您現有的任何噴霧/泡沫瓶。 我們的沖劑設計用於市場上任何可以重複使用的噴霧瓶/起泡瓶,來提供出色的消費者體驗。在使用自己現有的任何噴霧/泡沫瓶前,只需確保使用我們的沖劑之前,正確沖洗瓶子即可。 此外,為了鼓勵我們的客戶在家裡重複使用他們的瓶子,只要購買任何沖劑,都會免費提供定義潔淨品牌和沖劑名稱的水晶貼紙,您可以將其貼在自己的瓶子上,就像預印的一樣。
  • 如果沖劑包裝弄濕了/膨脹了怎麼辦?
    沖劑包裝設計能夠防水防潮,但不能長期處於潮濕地方當中,因此請將其存放在乾燥、安全的地方。此外,任何水分都會影響沖劑的整體功效和保質期。魔法 沖劑包裝膨脹了是屬於正常現象,因為產品成分當中的當中的碳酸氫鈉/碳酸鈉,接觸到空氣便有機會令包裝膨脹。 話雖如此,我們很樂意為您補發新的沖劑,以防不便。只需使用電子郵件聯繫我們 或 Whatsapp 5110 8288。
  • 儲存沖劑的最佳方式是什麼?
    定義潔淨的沖劑包裝設計對地球非常友善,你可以在特定的地點進行回收。 另外,我們的包裝設計防止沖劑受潮,但不能長期處於潮濕地方當中。因此,請將其存放在陰涼乾燥、安全的地方,並避免因意外而將其跌入水中。
  • 為什麼叫定義潔淨(define CLEAN)?
    定義潔淨(define CLEAN)顧名思義就是希望重新定義為何潔淨,潔淨不單止是清潔並去除個人身體及家居污垢、傳染源和其他來自物體或環境的雜質後的狀態,還有要對我們社會、環境及地球的潔淨負責任。 正如define CLEAN的LOGO一樣,我們為了解決因市場上日益增加的清潔產品需求帶來的環境污染而誕生,並重新定義何為真正的潔淨,即除了顧及個人及家居清潔外,亦要顧及對環境的潔淨。清潔產品的基本功能為保持個人及家居衛生,所以我們以清潔為主(大寫)的前提下,加上保護環境的定義(小寫)。 在CLEAN這個字上,以圖案表達了define CLEAN為此而研發的核心產品— 粉狀清潔產品(沖劑),只需要在噴霧瓶上,加水後,再將1包define CLEAN清潔沖劑加入,然後等待數分鐘,便可享用define CLEAN新型環保清潔產品。
  • 定義潔淨的使命是什麼?
    定義潔淨(define CLEAN)是一間提供沒有一次性塑膠包裝粉狀形清潔用品的香港初創社企,產品的體積及重量更只有市面上產品的10%,方便儲存及運送。同時解決了現時快速消費行業日益增加使用的一次性塑料包裝和貨物運輸的碳排放,均為對抗氣候變化的兩大元兇。 定義潔淨的使命是3S和1H: Save Space「慳位」: define CLEAN移除了清潔產品的主要成分 — 水,只剩下原材料,所以產品的大小及重量的大大縮減能為家居節省很多儲存空間。 Save Spending「慳錢」: 由於減少了塑膠噴霧瓶包裝,所以整體生產成本下降,可以以更實惠的價格售賣。 Save the Earth「救地球」: define CLEAN產品重量輕,亦是本地製造,可以減少運輸碳排放,紓緩氣候變化。 Help the Need「助人」: define CLEAN提供彈性上班工作機會及就職培訓因疫情受影響的基層家庭。
  • 我在哪裡可以找到定義潔淨產品?
  • 定義潔淨的產品是在哪裡生產的?
  • 你們有提供推薦/附屬計劃嗎?
  • 我怎樣才能聯繫到您?
    您可以通過電子郵件聯繫我們 或 Whatsapp,電話 5110 8288。我們通常會在 12 小時內回覆。
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