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World 1st ever:

Eco-friendly Natural Hand Sanitizer/Cleanser Tablet Workshop


After the epidemic, everyone uses more cleaning and disinfection products. Although the virus infection has been successfully prevented, our beautiful earth is polluted by the plastic bottles and chemical materials being discarded every day. Have you ever thought that we can make our own eco-friendly hand sanitizer (scent type, color, foam volume) to prevent epidemics and protect the earth? Join us to reduce waste at source!

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The first natural cleaning tablet DIY activity. You can make your own hand sanitizer to support environmental protection and Hong Kong's scientific research achievements. You can also learn how to reduce waste at the source and the composition of hand sanitizers.

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The highest safety level raw materials, listed by the US EPA and EWG, are used to ensure that the ingredients do not harm the skin and pollute the environment, while effectively decontaminating and anti-epidemic

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Guided by professional instructor, even beginners can easily master the skills, use their creativity and make unique natural hand sanitizer tablet finished products

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Provide 5-8 different colors and fragrances for participants to choose from, including red, blue, purple, yellow, fruity and floral fragrances, participants can freely mix colors and fragrances

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You can complete the products on the same day and take away 4 hand sanitizer tablets (each tablet can be exchanged for 250ml of cleaning solution) and 1 sparkling bottle, which is equivalent to 4 hand sanitizers, suitable for gifting and personal use

Selection of workshop content (optional/choose 1-3)

1)A brief introduction to the principle of hand sanitizer/cleaning essence/cleaning agent (STEAM education)

2)A brief introduction to the common ingredients and How to choose the right cleaner for your daily use

3)Environmental protection information about hand sanitizers/detergents Daily

4)Cleaning Tips

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Workshop Process

•Explain the selected workshop content

•Demonstration and teaching how to make natural hand sanitizer/dish soap/cleaning tablets

•Teaches techniques for turning powders into tablets using natural binders and other considerations

•Assist participants through the steps and demonstrate how to use the tablet Explanation of storage tips and Q&A session

Want to Know More?

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